| Objective

To obtain a professonal level position in the technical skills, where I can utilize my strong research background and technical skills, especially the fields of 3D computer graphics and/or multimedia hardware.

| Education

  • April 2000 - Mar. 2002: A Graduate in Hosei University, Graduate School of Engineering. (GPA: 4.0)
  • April 1996 - March 2000: A Collage Student in University of Aizu, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Depertment of Computer Hardware. (GPA:3.9)
  • April 1993 - March 1997: A Highschool Student in High School attached to the University of Tokyo.

| Work History

  • Mar. 2005 - Current: DMP Inc.
  • Apr. 2002 - Feb. 2005: System LSI Development Division, NEC Electronics Corporation.
  • Apr. 2000 - Mar. 2002: TA in Hosei Univ.. I'm working as the manager of campus network administrator in the faculty of computer information and science.
  • Jan. 1997 - Mar. 2000: Gijuku, Fukushima, Japan. Tutored high school students in Science and Mathmatics.
  • Jun. 1998: SoftwareDesign (a Japanese Magazine), Worte the technical paper about MS-DOS history.

| Qualifications (Technical Skills)

  • Programming Language: Java (primary), C, C++, perl, VerilogHDL, etc.
  • Tools: Mathematica, Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop/AfterEffect/GoLive, 3D Max Studio, etc.
  • Others: 3D computer graphics programming, ASIC Design, FPGA Implementation, Network programming in Java, Network and System administration.

| Language Skills

Basic speaking/writing/reading in English.

| Papers and Presentations

- Mobile Computings / Hardwares

  • Ohbuchi, E., "Hardware simulation acceleration in DMP graphics hardware development," Cadence Emulation/Acceleration seminar 2010, Cadence Design Systems, May 2010. (Link)
  • Ohbuchi, E., "DMP mobile graphics solutions," MIPS Semi-customized seminar 2010, MIPS Technologies, March 2010. (Link)
  • Ohbuchi, E., "3D graphics hardware development with CellMath," Cynthesizer User Meeting 2009, Forte Design Systems, November 2009. (Link)
  • Ohbuchi, E., "PICA200 3D graphics develpment with OCP-IP," OCP Technology Forum 2008, OCP-IP, May 2008. (Link)
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  • Ohbuchi, E. , Hanaizumi, H., and Hock, L.A., "Barcode Readers using the Camera Device in Mobile Phones," Cyber worlds 2004 (CW2004), IEEE Computer Society Press, pp.260-265, November 2004.

- 3D Computer Graphics Hardware and Applications

  • Ohbuchi, E., "API update: OpenGLES and OpenVG," Khronos DevU 2009 Yokohama (SIGGRAPH Asia 2009), Khronos group, December 2009. (Presentation)
  • Ohbuchi, E., "Mobile and embedded graphics development with OpenGL ES and OpenVG," Visualization conference 2009, OpenGL Japan / SIGGRAPH Tokyo, October 2009. (Presentation)
  • Ohbuchi, E., "Mobile and embedded graphics development with OpenGL ES," Visualization conference 2008, OpenGL Japan / SIGGRAPH Tokyo, October 2008. (Presentation)
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  • Ohbuchi, E., "Visualization using 1/f Noise and Fluctuations," The 62th National Convention of IPSJ, pp.ex2.101-103, March 2001.

- Multimedia Processor Architectures

  • Ohbuchi, E., "Implementation of Real-time MPEG-2 Encoder in PeM2," The 62th National Convention of IPSJ, pp.1.103-104, March 2001.
  • Ohbuchi, E., "Implementation of JPEG Encoder in PeM2," Graduation Thesis 2000 in Univ. of Aizu, March 2000.

- Other

  • Ohbuchi, E., "Key Person: Compete with the World through Graphics," NIKKEI ELECTRONICS August 27, 2007 vol. 959.

| Awards

  • May 2007 - 9th LSI IP Design Award (by PICA200, DMP Inc.)
  • Feb. 2002 - Award of 7th CG Contest for Students (CG-ARTS Society, Japan).
  • Mar. 2001 - President Prize (The University of Aizu).
  • Nov. 1995 - Award of Fujitsu FM-Towns Programming Contest for Students (Fujitsu).

| References

Will be provided on request.